Kayaking the North River

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Kayaking the North River

Postby joseph_rssll » Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:01 am

I would like to go from Union St. Bridge to Rt3A bridge, eat lunch or dinner at the restaurant there and then back. How long before or after high/lo tide should i start? how long should it take use both ways? And is the food good at that restaurant? I stopped by there one time did not eat, just had a beer and listened to music.

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Re: Kayaking the North River

Postby pat » Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:47 am

The food is good there. You're going to want to do this at or near high tide. You'll be going against the current in each direction, but it should't be terribly strong. Going with the current each direction would be kind of unpleasant, because with the water so low, you're going to be going over some shallow rocks under Union Street.

High tide at Union Street is about 1.5 hours later than at the ocean. You should be able to make each 1-way trip in under an hour. I think you might want to launch from Union St at ocean high tide, or an hour before. So let's say high tide is at 6pm. You launch at 5pm, paddling against the incoming tide. Get to Roht Marine at 6pm. Stay till 7pm. At this point, the tide will be slowly going out. Paddle back to Union St and get there at 8pm, which would be only half an hour after high tide at that location. The current would be fairly benign in both directions.
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