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Back from vacation

Postby Chip » Mon Jul 18, 2005 8:43 am

Hi All,
I am officially back from vacation :cry: :( :cry:
I was able to get a few paddles in but not nearly enough. I was so desperate, I talked Pat and Ron into paddling Plymouth to Kingston at low tide.
As Pat mentioned we launched from Nelson beach and headed to Kingston with hopes of hitting Clarks Island. The ride to Goose point was fun. Wind at our back and nice chop and boat wakes to play in. We landed on Goose point for a break. Due to the wind and strong outgoing tide we thought better of going to Clarks. Instead we paddled around Kingston Harbor, well mostly paddled. Due the the lowering tide we got caught in some mudflats. We poled, hand paddled and eventually pulled our boats some 100 yards or so. Note: Bow painter is a very important piece of gear.
We hit some other low spots getting back to the cordage park area but we were able to stay afloat. Tough day but mostly fun. Good learning day.

A few lessons:
1. Bowline/Rope is very nice to have.
2. Low tide on the South Shore is LOW TIDE. Stay away. We knew this but had to learn the hard way anyway.
3. A 4 hour paddle through mud on 6 hours sleep SUCKS.
4. 4x4 paid for itself when driving on the beach to make the 2 mile walk to the car only a 1/2 mile. Seemed that long anyway.
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