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Nigel Foster Shadow...

Postby Johnysmoke » Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:28 am

I have a Nigel Foster Shadow, been paddling it almost three seasons, and have paddled one in Mexico for about 5 weeks as well. I'm 6,2, around 225lbs, and the boat fits me well. Very interesting boat, with hard chines and a flat concave\convex bottom that keeps you on your toes. Wants to be on one ass check or the other. Light primary stability, excellent secondary stability. Carves turns well, this and the flatish bottom carries over nicely into surf; a blast to surf. Fairly neutral in wind and waves, but needs the skeg down to track, runs downwind and wave very well provided you are paying attention. Rolls fairly well, but a lot of the time the excellent secondary stability and a good brace can save you the trouble. Not an overly reassuring or stable boat, you feel every little movement of the ocean, your hips are constantly in this feedback loop between you the ocean and the boat, so they are working hard. Once you get used to this, which may take a few days, its an awesome ride. It works well as a day boat\surf boat for me, and is an extremely capable touring boat, will hold a ton of gear for a British style boat.

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