Nautical GPS App for Android

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Nautical GPS App for Android

Postby tbrug » Wed May 04, 2011 9:45 pm

Has anyone used any Nautical GPS Apps for Smartphones?

I found this Navionics App. - it costs $15 for East Coast Charts ... rch_result

Any input would be appreciated. Unless someone has a better recommendation I will try it out. It would be really cool to have my cell, camera and GPS fit into the pocket on my PFD. I invested $30 in a waterproof cover, but I think there are 2 potentially limiting aspects to enable this to be practical:

1) Battery life - turn on the GPS on my Samsung Droid and the Battery is toast in about 1 hour, however if I can keep the GPS off and just use the chart this by itself could be worth the $15.

2) Screen visibility. I took some pictures with the camera while kayaking last weekend - I could not see the screen in the sunlight - even though it was overcast.


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