Plymouth harbor to Priscilla Beach - Saturday May 19

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Plymouth harbor to Priscilla Beach - Saturday May 19

Postby Aquaholic » Sun May 20, 2012 5:32 pm

I made a last minute call for kayakers willing to paddle Plymouth Bay early Saturday morning and had the good fortune to have two expert paddlers respond, Deb and Jim. Two hours before high tide, the three of us set out from Stephens Field under cloudless skies. We headed directly across to the back of Long Beach and then around the tip by Bug Light.

The conditions were as close to perfect as we could get: warm sunshine, little wind, calm seas, crystal clear water, and hardly any motorboats. We followed the coast along Long Beach to Warren Cove and then around the point to Priscilla Beach, where we stopped for lunch. A few houses on the bluff looked to be “opened” for the summer already, but most had no flags flying from their flagpoles yet. We met only two people walking on the beach; a very friendly young man with orange glasses and a woman who said Paul Newman slept in her house one night. :shock:

After a companionable lunch on the beach, we all launched without a problem and headed back the way we came. Among us all, we had 5 different types of paddles, so there was a lot of swapping and “trying on for size” of Camano, Cyprus, Epic, Lendal, and Shuna paddles. One paddler admitted to being in love with a paddle. :D

While paddling back toward Bug Light, we noted the sand bars at the tip of Saquish and Long Beach as expected. Heading around the tip of Long Beach, we were poised to make a dash across the channel to the harbor when one of Captain John’s boats speeding in along behind us loudly let us know that wasn’t a good idea. It seems we arrived back in the harbor at “rush hour” so we continued along the back of Long Beach toward Stephens Field.

There was a big party going on at one of the houses on the beach that we were tempted to crash, but it was very close to dead low tide and we needed to get across the cove before we ran out of water. Even the long slog through the muck with the boats did nothing to dampen the spirits of three lucky paddlers who enjoyed having Plymouth Bay to themselves once more before the onset of tourist season.
Thanks Deb and Jim for a most excellent day!

Launch time 9:40am
Lunch time: 1pm
Back in boats: 1:45pm
Take-out time: 5:00pm
Total Distance Paddled: we have no idea, we were having too much fun to keep track


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Re: Plymouth harbor to Priscilla Beach - Saturday May 19

Postby norm » Sun May 20, 2012 9:01 pm

Audrey - thanks for sharing the success of your trip. It's nice to hear that things went well.

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