Minot's Light Sunday June 30, Tuesday July 2

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Minot's Light Sunday June 30, Tuesday July 2

Postby Tegan » Mon Jul 08, 2013 6:38 pm

With the unpredictable weather I did not put out any plans of paddling to the lighthouse. Sunday, 4:30 AM launched from below Cohasset Harbormaster's office. For a few years I have used a sit on top Heritage Fisherman Pro, fishing version of the Seadart. At 32" wide it is stable and has a lot of room for camping gear. The last was an overnight to Great Brewster Island Thanksgiving day 2012. Recently REI had a sale on Riot Edge 14.5 kayaks and this would be the initial sea trial of the Miss Audrey. The wind was from the west while swells were coming from east and southeast. In a couple swells I could not see over the next wave to roll under the boat. In my first post, "Miont's Light and Just Registered", I was thinking a very early start in terms of the 12 rays of Boston Light that fade and go away with the dawn. Movies that I wanted of the 1 - 4 -3 flashes came out fine against a cloudy sky. Returning, the wind was probably 15 mph with higher gusts. The sun came out breifly as entered Cohasset Harbor. I really enjoyed had alot of fun paddling the Riot Edge kayak.
Tuesday, July 2nd, at 5:30 AM set out from the small beach between the Harbormaster and the sailing club. Light winds, and seas about one foot. I want back to the lighthouse as I did not get pictures of the ladder and entrance side. Afterward I paddled over to bell buoy 16 for more movies. I think the tone of the bell is a real New England fog bound coastal sound.
Hopefully I can meet some of the members and wishing all a great summer. Richard

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Re: Minot's Light Sunday June 30, Tuesday July 2

Postby pat » Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:37 am

Thanks for the report, Richard! Any chance those videos will make their way to youtube?
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