Boston Harbor Outer Island Exploring - 5/3/14

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Boston Harbor Outer Island Exploring - 5/3/14

Postby norm » Mon May 05, 2014 7:21 am

I have wanted to visit more of the outer Boston Harbor Islands and walk around on them for a while. From previous visits, I've learned that earlier in the season is better than later when the sea gulls are nesting or the mosquitoes are fearsome. It's also easier before the sumac bushes blossom and make it hard to find a clear path to your target. So I planned a trip and sent out an email to people I thought are ready and equipped for early season paddling. At first I only had one person interested, but by Friday night we were up to 5 and on Saturday morning added a 6th.

Please use the link below to enjoy pictures on Facebook that should be accessible to anyone, even if you do not have a Facebook account. Please read the comments included with the pictures for more information about the trip. ... c67dfe178d

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