2 Antique Folbot Wood and Canvas Single Seat Kayaks

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2 Antique Folbot Wood and Canvas Single Seat Kayaks

Postby okbkcq » Thu Jul 14, 2016 11:49 pm

I live in Norton, MA and have come to the conclusion that I must let my two antique folbot wood and canvas single person kayaks go. They are a little over 9 feet long and I would prefer to sell them together. For a practical reason, that would allow the buyer to re-skin one, while using the other as a template/model. It would also be very nice to travel together in matching kayaks.

I bought them from a man near Pittsburgh, PA years ago while I lived in Manassas, VA.

The wood frame in in good shape, no rot.

I must say that I have planned on re-skinning them with a modern fabric; but I kept on putting it off. When I would get a rip in the skin (original canvas, painted bright yellow), I would patch with duct tape and carry on. I have been storing them at my aunt's house in Canton, MA. When I pulled them out, I found my tarp cover had gone missing and the sun had degraded the skin past the point of use. The kayaks will have to be re-skinned before using.

When I was in junior high, my father and I had constructed a folbot wood and canvas canoe. These kayaks were instantly recognizable as relatives of that canoe. The yellow canvas paint and wood construction details were identical. My dad died in 1993. Emotionally, it is tough to let them go, but it would be wrong to keep them and have them deteriorate further.

Please make offer. In a pinch I can provide transport for kayaks.


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